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Looking to place a bulk order for succulents and/or pots? Look no further than ViviQ Succulents! We provide succulent and pot combinations that make perfect gifts for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, gender reveal events, and more. We also cater to corporate clients. Use the form below to share your requirements and we will reach out to your directly to discuss the details of your request.

Please note, minimum order quantity for bulk orders start at 40 units, and require 2 months in advance notice.

Bulk Order Form

  • If your request is for an event, please specify what event it is for.
  • What type of plant and/or pot do you require and the quantity of each.
  • When do you need the order to be fulfilled by?
  • Where is the order location?
  • Do you require delivery or will you pick up?
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